Friday, May 30, 2008

Saturday Looks Good to Me - Green Mansions & Cold Colors EP (2007)

Saturday Looks Good to Me infuses me with a special swell of pride in Michigan I normally lack. I was unaware for the longest time in my younger years that such wonderful indie pop could be produced here. Fred Thomas, the main songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist, is from Ypsilanti, Michigan, which is placed right next to the grand city of Ann Arbor. My parents used to bring us there on trips every summer because they raised me and one of my siblings in the area until the age of 3. Beyond my personal sentimentality, Saturday Looks Good to Me is a respected group, having formerly been on Polyvinyl and now on the illustrious K Records. Fred Thomas writes beautiful, sometimes sad others joyful, short songs for the band. If I'm not mistaken Betty Marie Barnes who used to share singing duties with Thomas parted ways with the groups before the music I'm sharing here, so he's singing on them exclusively. Green Mansions is a one-sided 12" LP done for a tour while same applies for the Cold Colors EP. The first has song short but sweet, some bittersweet, tracks broken up with instrumentals marked by parenthesis around their titles. I find "(Yelling)" to be noisy for the band, yet I love noisy so I think it is great, whereas "Glowering Gaze (Every Other)" an attractively sung and instrumented tune. Cold Colors has more experimentation to the set of songs than normally released by Saturday Looks Good to Me. The lovely "Drink My Blood" and "Idiots" are somewhat more akin to the older material released, but the tracks they're sandwiched in are ethereal at moments and have instrumentation that is different. Both are very good to get a scope for how band is no one-sound act. Constantly evolving and changing this group continues to please me.

To be had here:

Green Mansions (2007) @ 192 VBR kbps

Cold Colors EP (2007) @ 224 VBR kbps


  1. green mansions fails to work for me. something with mediafire.

  2. working for me, we'll see if the visitors speak up on this issue otherwise I'm doing nothing.