Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Baseball Furies - The Four-Sided Triangle (2006)

When I came across this EP I damned well nearly shit myself. The name is simply fantastic, and does not shame the movie it is taken up from (although I've discovered there's another band with the name minus the article 'the' that isn't nearly as good). This is the first tune installment that lives up to the name of our fine spacerockmountain, not that it was ever a goal to be a space rock exclusive blag. Accordingly, the ethereal tunes are very much in the feeling of the background music found throughout The Warriors film, but is anything except a cheap redo of such. Every song is wonderfully stand-alone; composed with immense gracefulness. In a space rocky nature, they only very sparingly utilize vocals, but make good use of both electronic sounds and more conventional instrumentation. The music doesn't remain at a constantly mellow pace either; picking up tempo in what feels to be absolutely appropriate. I had nothing but praise for this band to everyone who felt I might be able to get away telling about. Additionally pleasing to my romantic side, the band is Argentine, which from my in my Midwestern suburb-hued lenses of life seems enigmatically grand. These five songs are a sure pleaser for any fan of the name-sake film or spacey music in general.

To be had here:
The Baseball Furies - The Four-Sided Triangle

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