Monday, May 26, 2008

Suicide - Second Self-Titled (1980)

It still blows me away to think that this album was released in 1980. There's one quote that always comes to my mind when I think about suicide: "... I never heard anything avant-garde. To me it was just New York City Blues." - Alan Vega 1980.
Suicide are a duo that formed in New York City in 1971... blah blah blah, they impacted bands such as OMD, Human League, Spiritualized, Orbital, Pulp, Soft Cell, Nick Cave, Jesus & Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers, Luna, Foil, Bloodstar, etc etc). Bruce Springsteen covers suicide live sometimes. weird.

Suicide - The Second Album (Second Self-Titled) (1980)


  1. especially strange because Bruce Springsteen is a huge douche

  2. Great album ! Thanks a lot.

    Bruce Springsteen should be arrested for covering Suicide.

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