Monday, May 12, 2008

Auto!Automatic!! - Another Round Won't Get Us Down (2006)

Math rock is one of those things the provokes anyone told about it for the first time to be like "what is that, music with numbers?" or something equally retarded. Once you can get passed that, you're in a prime position for giving them a genre that will blow their minds. The same holds true for Auto!Automatic!! who is amongst the newer generation of math rockers with Volta Do Mar and We Are Knives. Sprinkled throughout the album is a more liberal use of electronic and keyboard sounds than early math rock like Slint and Chavez had, but nothing that pushes it away from the genre. The opening track "Samurai Showdown at the University of Tampa" had be hooked in moments, and then the guitars upped volume and I was in love. The album is particularly good when listened to completely through in order (the way almost every album must be heard in my humble opinion). "4182333461... Dance!" and "The Party Beat" are two of my personal favorites. If you haven't come across this album in your internet travels or music shop browsing, I urge you to give it a spin.

To be had here:
Auto!Automatic!! - Another Round Won't Get Us Down


  1. Hey! I think there's something wrong with the link. Can you fix it?

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  2. the link as been repaired, I had to move the file to sendspace, enjoy