Friday, May 9, 2008

Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow & Blue (2008)

I found this album amongst those I'd uploaded prior to the creation of the blag and thought there was no good reason not to share it as well. Not many albums do I play over and over after the first listen, and fewer yet become a sort of standard for my frequent long motor commutes, yet this instantly achieved such a status. The Toronto-based Born Ruffians play some strangely attractive tunes; beginning with a faux-anthem and just keeping the supposedly non-sense throughout. Not crazy experimental or art-rock-like, but not a run of the mill indie rock release for sure. The songs "Barnacle Goose" and "Hummingbird" are excellently crafted; jumping tempos and utilizing a full range of vocal of which I would never dare to try to attempt. There are lyrics that will doubtlessly burn a place in memory like "we're gonna make plan, we have plans to make plans..." and "I'm little garçon in my head." Considerable is the fact that only one track is taken from their previously released self-titled EP (this being Hedonistic Me), thus avoiding a pet peeve of mine that too many bands just re-releasing the same material. This is a happy album, and should be taken into judgment for what that is. Joyful albums always seem more populist and less something undeniably great, rather the weight is placed by people's particular opinions.

To be had here:
Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow & Blue

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