Friday, May 23, 2008

Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet - Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet (2004)

Ahh, 8-bit sounds... how many of us recall you fondly. I never had a game system growing up, it was forbidden in my house (not from conservative attitudes but from practical costs and application). Yet even I can tell the noises made by video games without a moment of trouble. Fittingly, the local NPR station broadcast a brief report on chiptune music, but unsurprisingly they acted as if it was something just conceived. Well, we know better, that is has been firmly established by those that care for it for two decades; admittedly to a much lesser extend in North America than elsewhere. Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet is merely one is a line of successive groups and artists to make wonderful harmony from game systems supplemented with additional instrumentation. They are nevertheless good notably at it. The band features record label Ninja Tunes founder Jeff Wayne and CBC radio contributor Patti Schmidt of the show Brave New Waves. Schmidt lends some vocals to several tracks, like the lovely "Stopstart" amongst others. I'm partial to the finale "In Kode" because of the liberal overlaying and tempo shifts plied with brooding comments. Within the framework on the 8-bit and supplementary sounds Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet achieves overall pleasant album. As one might expect, there is the issue that it may come off as silly if not in the correct mindset. Hopefully, as I frequently say, you'll take it for what it is and savor it.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet - Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet

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