Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alpha Hopper - Let Heaven and Nature Sing (2014)

Alpha Hopper is the latest in a string of great submissions from Buffalo, NY that includes Brimstone Blondes, Space Wolves, Bill Times A Billion and their own labelmates Fleshy Mounds. The city seems to be producing excellent lo-fi rock like it is their jobs.

I find that a good punk album is one that gets me worked up. Not in a fit or seizures, but excited and causes time to pass swiftly as I enjoy the songs. Alpha Hopper is capable of achieving this, and in large part to the most righteous guitar playing. I cannot get enough of the fast and loud guitar, not that this should shock anyone, I feel like I am always praising guitar playing. However, a song isn't just the one instrument, at least not these songs. There's the whole picture that really makes the whole listening experience pleasurable. Alpha Hopper created an awesome punk sound by infusing enough hardcore, especially in the fast, incomprehensible female-delivered singing and with the loud and rumbling playing of guitar and drums that descends from the punk rock greats of the past like the MC5. Done well enough to feel artful and not any more sloppy than was intended.

Let Heaven and Nature Sing is being issued by More Power Tapes, who has already put out several punk releases. Check out what they've got if you're into the noisy loud sound of Buffalo's punk rock musicians.

To be had here:
Alpha Hopper - Let Heaven and Nature Sing

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