Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Guru - Pretty Things (2014)

I'm still rather bad at the using twitter, though that hasn't stopped me from taking over the account for my place of work in order to milk my boss for a bit more cash every week (not enough as it turns out, but when is it?). Anyhow, I enjoying doing it for Spacerockmountain much more, as it is something I like doing as opposed to showing up at and seeing the endless supply of laborious tasks that need accomplishing. And while most the things Twitter tells me about are useless bullshit, it does recommend that I follow indie labels from time to time. These inevitably have something worthwhile for me to listen to and for that I am grateful. That's exactly how I discovered the Phoenix, Arizona label Rubber Brother Records. They've got a bunch of albums out that look pretty swell and it was among their roster I've found the Guru.

The full-length by the Guru is called Pretty Things and it's not easily thrown into the categories of music I usually describe. Doesn't help that like Samuel Boat these motherfuckers just put "rock" and the name of their city. So I guess I'll have to earn my non-existent pay and call it upbeat indie rock bordering on power pop and dance rock. They're a high energy band with remarkably catchy songs. I dare any of you listen to "Co-Desire" "Golden Brown" or "Real Nice" without getting the choruses stuck in your head. The singer hits the notes impeccably and drives them right into your ears like a fastball over home plate. All with jaunty guitars and solid percussion that makes me wish I could go see them live.

To be had here:

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