Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Samuel Boat - Soda Pop Rock (2014)

I don't have any background information on Samuel Boat or his full-length album, Soda Pop Rock, beyond what I've been able to deduce or guess at from the songs themselves. He didn't furnish me with details, and his bandcamp page tagged the release as "rock" and "United States" so either intentionally or not he's played this one close to the vest. Fine with me, I've written up shit that I clearly know nothing about before and I'm sure I will again.

The album is a collection of what sound like lo-fi bedroom pop musings, and that's a very sweet thing. Samuel Boat is likely a multi-instrumentalist and rather good at synthesizing on the computer that has got a load of catchy beats rolling around in his head that needed a quirky, entertaining and just a bit creepy outlet. The songs are full of snyth sounds and together with his singing and whistling the songs seem aimed at juvenile memories. Eccentrically nostalgic songwriting that can be happy and a bit sad or whimsical at the same time, like a good Stephin Merritt tune. "The one for me" and "roses from peru" both show what I am trying to get at exceptionally well, not that I am sure it is what he was angling for. That's art for you, out of your hands and into ours right? Anyhow, I found Soda Pop Rock to be very adorable and highly delightful to listen to.

To be had here:
Samuel Boat - Soda Pop Rock

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