Friday, September 5, 2014

Brimstone Blondes - AGE OF CONSENT (2014)

I've been listening to one new album at least everyday for weeks now, sometimes up to 4 new releases in a day. You'd think that this would burn me out, but really this is a light load compared to what I used to do when I was trapped in St. Clair County, Michigan with little other to do that breathe the polluted air and argue with my girlfriend like the fool-headed teenager I was. I think that many people in somewhat culturally isolated corners of this planet can relate to the problems of living vicariously through media and the obsessiveness that it can generate be it music, comic books, video games or whatnot. It seems like you should be ashamed of it and move on to start living, but every time I do that I find that life is full of waiting. Always in a hurry to get to somewhere to wait. So with time I have noticed that if I am gonna wait why not do so with a bunch of new albums pumping in the headphones and be taking just enough notes along the way that when I get wherever I am going I have something fucking interesting to share. 

Brimstone Blondes a four-piece self-described surf rock band from Buffalo, NY. There's no actual surfing going on in Buffalo, hence to talk of catching the sunbeams or big waves, but that's no reason not to make surf rock on the cold shores of the Great Lakes region as these guys will demonstrate. The songs are fast and full of bravado, to such a degree that it has a likeness to the flamboyance of glam rock. Partying and making out, lust for your friend's girl as if the Cars and Television were getting trashed together. Though the pace does settle down by the time you get to the appropriately named "Afterparty," which is a sort of hedonistic love song. In fact, several the tracks could be called that. Enjoy yourself and give AGE OF CONSENT a listen, and worry about everything you fucked up another day.

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