Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cobwebbs - WORLD WIDE WEBBS (2014)

To break up what looks like it could easily become a string on gloomy folk write-ups to introduce the autumn to the Midwestern United States, we’ve got something from the part of the world where it never gets too cold and is only getting warmer this time of year. From Brisbane, Australia come the Cobwebbs with their second full-length album, WORLD WIDE WEBBS. I am actually not familiar with their first album, as I believe they’ve only become familiar with Spacerockmountain after I began an effort to post up more Australian bands and have sought to join their ranks. What I do know is how this album sounds, which is washed out psychedelic rock. It is a droning, sleazy sounding series of sounds, with that creepily creaking vocals that recalls some weirder garage rock albums. I woke up this morning and began playing this album in my headphones, and I kept it repeating up until the minutes I finally had to miserably give in and go to work. Doesn't mean I can't sneak the earbuds in and keep on listening even if the old cranky boss disapproves...

The material they sent in with the release says this album is a change in sound from the prior one, but I am curious at what that one holds after hearing WORLD WIDE WEBBS, and I just might try to hunt it down. This album can be heard on the soundcloud link below, or streamed on the bandcamp page of the label Sonic Masala, though it doesn't seem to be a terribly cheap record to purchase in a physical format.

To be had here:
Cobwebbs - World Wide Webs

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