Wednesday, January 21, 2015

tyler etters & the northern information movement - the phantoms of our lost cause (2015)

Spotted this release in my inbox recently and it seemed oddly familiar yet I hadn't posted the group before. That's because I prolly fucked up and missed in all the stuff that comes our way, not to mention it somehow isn't going to the right email ( Anyhow, we've got oversights and I can't bemoan mine too long when there's new music on the line. Tyler Etters & the Northern Information Movement have got a full-length album out now and I'm gonna give you a few thoughts on it.

It is interesting how the music submissions that comes our ways will have trends among them. It isn't uncommon to go months with little post-rock, garage, psychedelic or what-have-you only to find oneself up to the gills in it suddenly. Lately, it is certainly been high tide for post-rock and ambient, perhaps it is the wintry days. Yet some of it comes from the southern hemisphere where it's summer. However, being from Chicago this music isn't from too far flung from my base of operations in Detroit, and it certainly must be chilly there as it is here. These compositions are rather chilly as well. At times it's downright sparse and bleak as a tundra. Then there's the eerie electronic parts that are haunting 8-bit-tingled themes that swirl around with all manner of subtle noise and rhythms. It isn't easy to describe this sort of post-rock/ambient project and in all the years I have attempted to write them up I always seem to confuse myself a little. Nevertheless I keep writing them up because they can be quite good. Tyler Etters & the Northern Information Movement is exactly that, it has a gloomy theme and sticks too it well. Creates an environment for the listener to inhabit, even if it's a very surreal one.

To be had here:
tyler etters & the northern information movement - the phantoms of our lost cause

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