Monday, November 15, 2010

Demon's Claws

I guess it was inevitable that I shared this band. They are garage punk, from Montreal, and remind me of Oblivians. From what I've read this one of several garage acts to emerge in Montreal after the Spaceshits and others started bouncing around there in the 90s. Anyhow, also like the fellas from the Spaceshits (albeit in later projects) they've made friends with Black Lips and eventually got albums released by In The Red. What I've got posted here today are the three full-lengths I could find by them, and I haven't gotten around to the more tedious search for any singles and splits that undoubtedly must be floating about. The self-titled is quite fuzzed out but somewhat generic of what is around. This is not to say it isn't good though. On the next, Satan's Little Pet Pig, the production quality is reasonably enhanced and they stylistically come into their own more. Finally, The Defrosting Of... is a well-rounded release that shows them sounding more like one of their influences, the Rolling Stones. Rather swell sounds.

To be had here:

Demon's Claws (2005) [192 kbps]

Satan's Little Pet Pig (2007) [192 kbps]

The Defrosting Of... (2010) [320 kbps]


  1. Demon's Claws are amazing. You have a great blog. The Defrosting Of link is down. Any way you could re-up?

  2. I just double checked and it seems to be fine to me, but if you really can't get it to download then e-mail me at

  3. Thanks for the music. The link to The Defrosting Of... is not down, but the rar or zip file is defective. It will not open. I needs to be replaced. That's all.

  4. Okay, I re-zipped it and re-uploaded it. Hopefully it works now and let me know if it doesn't and I'll try again.

  5. Oh, and check it out, I've posted an overview, with screenshot of your header, of what you've got to offer from Quebec in my blog at .
    Hope you like it.

  6. Hey i know this feeds old but any chance u can stick the defrosting of...back up? cheers man

    Also you might like this, you might not


  7. It is back up for you and thanks for the link.

  8. This band was a 'punk' for me!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi the link is down again, is there any way you can post it back up? I know its been two years but id greatly appreaciate it!