Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dead Ghosts - Dead Ghosts (2010)

Dead Ghosts were recommended to me from a route I have already forgotten. Notwithstanding, they're an obvious fit for the style of music I've been embracing lately. Dead Ghosts are a Vancouver band that reminds me an awful lot of their fellow Canadians King Khan and Mark Sultan. They've got the sweet sounding garage rock that is infused with just the right about of country jangle and distorted vocals. In a nutshell, the music is damned catchy and I've been spending my meal breaks at work listening to it in my increasingly cold parked car. If you fancy to give them a try do yourself a service and make sure to give them a re-listen, as I've found they've grown on me with repetition.
To be had here:
Dead Ghosts - Dead Ghosts

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