Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Dirtys - You Should Be Sinnin' (1997)

In yesterday's post I realized that I mentioned the Dirtys as if people are acutely aware of them. Upon having a moment to reflect I recalled that this is hardly the case. The Dirtys will always hold a special place for me, thus my willingness to place them in a pantheon of garage punk greats. In no small part this is due to the fact that they're the best band I have ever heard from the area I grew up in. The Dirtys hailed from Port Huron, Michigan, the town immediately north of even smaller town in which I was raised. While Port Huron is a mostly uneventful and rather depressing place to find oneself, the Dirtys are a good example of what desolation can breed. Frustration, angst, and attention-seeking displays of punk ethos are all encompassed in the loud, raunchy and savage songs of You Should Be Sinnin'. Don't be foolish and dismiss this as the prompting of a local fanboy. While they surely are remarkable to me because of where they came from, and if it makes any difference I didn't even hear of the Dirtys until a year after I left that area for college in Detroit. This is a highly under-heard garage punk album that can hold its own against those I've been posted regularly.

To be had here:
The Dirtys - You Should Be Sinnin' [128 kbps]

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