Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Boy Roy LP

It is a rare occurrence that I put a compilation of any sort on Spacerockmountain. Nonetheless, sticking with precedent without a good reason would be a foolish move. Our Boy Roy is undoubtedly a good reason to break tradition, as it is a collection of many of my favorite garage rock bands to pay tribute to a musician that surely most all of us must have fond recollections of listening to, Roy Orbison. In complete honesty I found out about this compilation when I was looking around for more Ty Segall, who does appear with an utterly astounding cover of "Pretty Woman." I got really jazzed when I saw that other favorites like Charlie & the Moonhearts, Jacuzzi Boys, and Demon's Claws. Personally, I found this an amazingly refreshing album as it reaffirmed my believe in covers (along with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s cover of "God Only Knows" on their EP). Working at a Starbuck's is a basically a trial by sound as you're forced to hear the worst covers of good songs ever recorded. Beyond just my hangups though, this is a really really great collection of covers of songs from a too-often unappreciated musician.

To be had here:
Our Boy Roy LP [256 VBR kbps]