Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pit Er Pat - Flexible Entertainer (2010)

Yet another in this series of re-visitations bands have enjoyed in the past, Pit er Pat originally won me over with their debut album Emergency. And while I think I should consider sharing that album itself, for it does remain my favorite in this discography, Flexible Entertainer is a decent addition. The Chicago three-piece excels at making electronic post-rock with some of the better usage of vocals I've had the chance to hear from the genre. On this go the singing is far more prominent in the songs and does a fantastic job at pushing the surreal mood music, at least that holds true until the three tracks. The near-instrumental "Chavez Ravine" is perhaps the catchiest of the tracks in my opinion (near for it has some echo-like moaning in it if you count that sort of shit). I recommend this if yesterday's post of Maserati did anything for you or you'd just like something a bit strange.

To be had here:
Pit Er Pat - Flexible Entertainer [320 kbps]

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