Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mother Night - Extinct Dialects (2010)

I got a tip over from a fellow blogger, who posts on Yuckos in the Carl of Mump, that I'd like Mother Night. He was completely correct. From what I read on his blog they're from New Bedford, Massachusetts (I believe I know a girl from there, lovely state as well). Mother Night makes instrumental rock that sorta rides the fence between math rock and something heavier. They've tagged themselves as shoegaze, math rock and psychedelic, which are all true in a fashion. Personally they remind me of Ahleuchatistas, Clossamite or even Slint, although heavier and less angular. For regular readers of the blog you might recall Sean's posting of The Speaking Canaries, who are perhaps the closest band to Mother Night that has been shared here. Nice thing is that they're giving this album out for free via bandcamp, so I'm just gonna link to that.

To be had here:
Mother Night - Extinct Dialects

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