Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Norrbottens Järn - Drömmarnas Värld (1975)

I was blown out of my mind the first time I heard this album; it certainly doesn't seem like something that should have culturally defused to reach me. I do think thanks for that goes to lost-in-tyme, an excellent if sometimes embattled blog that specializes in finding old jems. Beyond the fact that it is over a decade older than me, which has never really prevented my enjoyment before, there is that it is a strange album even for its time. Psychedelic-folk is the best label I can think of, but it doesn't stress the oddness. Of course, I haven't a damned clue if this sort of album was even weird to the Swedish generation that saw its creation, and I heavily doubt many even know what it is. It definately gives an aura of mystery in pondering about what they were thinking in Luleå, Sweden upon forming this group. The name is even weird to me, with Norrbottens Järn being translated as Norrbotten's Iron for me by a Norwegian friend. Let me give you the run down, it is 70s rock and folk with strong European differences from what was the norm in America. Most obviously it is sung completely in Swedish, with the only words I can understand being "David Bowie" but is is said 'Ba-owie.' The mood slides around from guitars and drums to chorus-style refrains to solos on the accordion (I shit you not). "Konserverad Gröt" is the best song for sure, and you must really listen to is fully through to understand why. "Diskoplast & Hippievadd" features the before mentioned accordion throughout, not be to missed. Overall it is extremely psychedelic and reminds me of perhaps what Devendra Banhart and his cohort might be doing if they embraced electric guitars more and liked to sing in Swedish. Cool as fuck, rest assured.

To be had here:
Norrbottens Järn - Drömmarnas Värld [256 kbps]


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