Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Other Two Comrades - The Other Two Comrades (2001)

How much Chinese noise do you have? Likely not much, it isn't common fair even amongst noise enthusiasts. Probably more do to the lack exposure that Chinese music receives and the relatively small amount of output compared to the vast population of the country. The Other Two Comrades will hopefully spur on the desire to explore the noise experimentation of Chinese musicians. From the best I can piece together, the name is misleading in the fact that there are three members of the band. Perhaps better said, at least three pivotal members. Supposedly there are two studio (or I think they're studio) albums and one live one, but thus far I've managed to obtain only one "studio" release. Musically not as harsh as acts like Merzbow, and less danceable than Deerhoof, the Other Two Comrades have succeeded in bringing something very unique to the noise they create. I have a hard time placing a band next to them, maybe it could be said they're somewhat like Raccoo-oo-oon but with Chinese flavor. Also, if you like this do check out the previous post of Mafeisan, a more eccentric Beijing-based noise collective. I could not find any album art, sorry. Lastly, if you do have access to more music by these guys, or other rare noise acts please to share them with me or the blog.

To be had here:
The Other Two Comrades - The Other Two Comrades [256 kbps]

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