Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sons and Daughters

From the very artistically active Scottish city of Glasgow, Sons and Daughters are some different from the rest of the crowd. Glasgow has many famously good band, like Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, and Camera Obscura but luckily Sons and Daughters are not ripping off these artists but rather creating their own thing. They began as an offshoot of Arab Strap as the member Adele Bethel decided to form her own band. The band produces some upbeat, energetic indie rock that borrows more for country than reviving the post-punk of 1980s Scotland like some others have attempted with mixed results. I find them enjoyable overall. They're certainly no musical messiahs but they've got some pretty good song-writing abilities and know how to play their instruments. What else can one ask to be honest? I've got here their three full-lengths and one of their EPs for you. I am missing their first EP entitled Lovers. So if you've got that and want to share it with me; I'd be grateful. Oh, I'm trying to get to you requests, bear with me, I uploaded all these last posts in one day when I had an hour to spare, and I type the posts wherever I may be, so once I'm settled more I can respond to requests more promptly, please do continue to make them.

To be had here:

Love The Cup (2003) [192 kbps]

The Repulsion Box (2005) [224 VBR kbps]

Dance Me In (2005) [224 VBR kbps]

This Gift (2008) [320 kbps]
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  1. do u have winter ray or the first couple by natural snow buildings??? great blog by the way!