Thursday, September 4, 2008

Javelins - No Plants, Just Animals (2005)

Javelins, a band that intriguingly passed under my radar of Detroit music. Although it is far from a perfect grip of the scene, I'd like to think I knew the bands like this, for I enjoy them greatly. As you might have deduced, they're a three-piece from Detroit. The music they make is very catchy post-punk. It reminds me of Television or a less noisy Ex Models. The guitar is almost like math rock, but the clear importance on the vocals makes it feel different. The pace of the music is fast enough that you never really lose interest, which is something nice if you've been listening to far too much ambient and glitch (I gotta stop doing this to myself). Anyways, they're a genuinely pleasant listen and have ass-loads of potential should they keep making tunes. Be careful, however, if you're going to search for anything additionally by these guys on p2p programs (if you're on slsk say hi to me, I'm elzire [sometimes Antarktikos]) for there are several bands with the same or similar names.

To be had here:
Javelins - No Plants, Just Animals [224 VBR kbps]

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