Friday, September 12, 2008

Sanso-Xtro - Sentimentalist (2005)

A beautiful Australian woman making very interesting ambient music by way of digital effects manipulating her acoustic playing. In the same vein as Midaircondo, which I previously shared with you. In some ways this is an even better representation of what the style can be. Melissa Agate, as Sanso-Xtro is know outside of her music, has great control over what she wants to produce musically. The songs never seem busy despite the fact that there can be half a dozen or more small sounds shoring up all at once. The reliance on precussion instruments primarily I believe only enhances the albums allure. Lastly, she was extremely wise in the titling of her album, because as there are no vocals whatsoever to be heard, it is the single mood-setting word one has to prepare with. Thus you're searching for the sentimentalism of the music, and you'll not be disappointed in what you find. Most excellent for relaxing with after manual labor, at least for me.

To be had here:
Sanso-Xtro - Sentimentalist [320 VBR kbps]

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