Friday, September 19, 2008

Säkert! - Säkert! (2007)

If you've listened to and enjoyed Hello Saferide you'll be pleased to know that Säkert! is the same Annika Norlin, if you didn't already. Now, in case you've never heard any Hello Saferide, which I'm willing to assume is a majority of you, she is a stunningly sweet chanteuse from Sweden. Make a note, I'm not done with this Swedish exposition yet. One of the most obivious differences between her work as Hello Saferide and what she's doing with Säkert! is that the latter is sung in English whereas this is fully in Swedish. The mood of the song vary from heart-felt sappy numbers to more upbeat pop ditties, but of course I haven't a damned clue as to what she's really singing about. She does get assistance from other singers, mostly male on this album just like she does in Hello Saferide, in order to create duets. Otherwise this is basically a solo effort of her music with what is surely a studio band. I find the entire thing quite lovely, though I tend to like the second half of songs more.

To be had here:
Säkert! - Säkert! [224 VBR kbps]

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