Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Matthew Dear - Leave Luck To Heaven (2003)

Ann Arbor-based electronic musician Matthew Dear is a fella that knows how to produce a fine album. I can even forgive that he's originally a Texan and only a Michigander by way of University of Michigan. His is the tale of the a DJ gaining respect to the degree of release some decently successful albums. Now, I've never been to a club in my life, and if I've got any say it I'll die this way, but I might just be tempted if I knew music of Mr. Dear's caliber was playing. However, I don't think he made this album for the club, but rather for people like us with some nice headphones and time. Very minimal, the songs are stripped just to what is necessary for the beat and mood. Leave Luck To Heaven has got both instrumentals and vocals so there's a nice balance. Dear does a good job at singing to boot. I think this is amongst the finest quality of microhouse made in these United States.

To be had here:
Matthew Dear - Leave Luck To Heaven [160 kbps]

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