Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bunky - Born To Be A Motorcycle (2005)

Strangely named band and album, seems more like a child's show than a group of adults making music for other adults. I guess Bunky doesn't really care who listens to them though, but I doubt many kid would really get into their work. The indie pop (which makes the titling a bit more sensible) of the band is spliced with noisy, loud outbursts of spastic rock. I do mean spliced, there's not a sign of it one moment and next thing you know you're in the thick of it. Perhaps no better example can be found than on the track "Funny Like The Moon" where there is soft, almost like a jazz standard singing that jumps back and forth with fuzzed out guitars and howling vocals. Allmusic suggest that they're like Apples In Stereo and the High Water Marks of the Elephant 6 collective, and I'm in full agreement. My personal favorite track is "Yes/No" where Rafter Roberts (the male half of the songwriting duo) sings wonderfully. Emily Joyce is no less remarkable in her efforts throughout. If you like E6 or noise pop this is something you should certainly get. I apologize for the shitty bit rate, you can always find it elsewhere higher if you like it.

To be had here:
Bunky - Born To Be A Motorcycle [128 kbps]

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