Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Tallest Man On Earth - Shallow Graves (2008)

Judging on what I've uploaded to share with you in these coming days, I love Swedish music. Shallow Graves is as good as any place to begin with the plethora of amazing Swedish artists I've been obsessing over as of late. Likely amongst the finer folk albums to be released this year thus far, Shallow Graves has a strangely Americana feel for something coming from the Scandinavian peninsula. The playing seems to have bluegrass influence on it, with some fast picking to be heard. The singing is unique enough to not be confused with many others, but possesses captivity of a good folksy troubadour. Not truly the world's tallest man, rather a man also known as Kristian Matsson. The lyrics touch on the tried and true themes of nature and women. Not as far out there as the naturalismo of Banhart and his cronies, the music is more like a that of Pete Seeger or perhaps even Willy Mason (if he wasn't trying to hard to sound emotional). Read of him being compared to Dylan, but that happens too much in my opinion; we should just enjoy him as what he is, a good folk musician. I can get enough of this release to be honest, I do think you'll like it.

To be had here:
The Tallest Man On Earth - Shallow Graves [320 kbps]

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