Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hemstad - Hemstad (2006)

Living up to my Swedish themed listening trend, Hemstad is a group of exceptionally talented musicians from Gothenburg. I was amazingly surprised the energy that this band contains is its music. The sound is filled to the brim with excitingly fast playing of various instruments. There are no vocals, and absolutely none that could enhance them in my opinion. They've got connections to the great James Ausfahrt, who I've previously praised. Begun with apartment recordings the band as evolved and changed members to become a solid force of Swedish musical prowless. I'm not done with this Swede spree, so stay tuned for more from our Nordic friends.

To be had here:
Hemstad - Hemstad [192 kbps]
note: first two tracks at 128 kbps

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  1. great choice, i love this album!!! :) dave candy and lollipop train soon if you have them plsy :)