Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Various Artists - Music of Japanese Festivals

We're freshly moved into our new adobe, but the huge huge downside is that my landlord is sitting on his hands about getting my internet going. Thus the blogging has taken a far back seat when I have access to the internet, as I normally need it more for homework. However, there is only so much I can stand of my job and college. Today as I'm unsure how this post will actually get on to the blog, I've decided to give you something I never actually thought I'd listen to repeatedly. This is a collection of Japanese traditional music performed for festivals. It is astoundingly similar to what many modern psych-folk-drone groups do, but these musicians have the natural advantage of being raised in this atmosphere of rhythmic yet sparse pounding, chants and seemingly strange instrumentation all around. Of course Japanese traditional music has complexities (Nagauta, Jyoruri, etc) that as just an amateur music enthusiast I can't possibly hope to enlighten you about, but perhaps that same mystery about it is part of the appeal.

To be had here:
Music of Japanese Festivals


  1. Great Music Thank!


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