Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lone Wolf And Cub - Wonder, Is Ground On Frost? (2006)

An excellent Michigander post-rock outfit that sadly didn't last very long after the completion of this great album. I first heard of these from an old friend in Port Huron who wanted to know if I had any of their stuff to give him. At the time I did not and since the fool moved to Mt. Pleasant chasing a girl, but alas I did search out Lone Wolf And Cub. Allmusic.com erroneously labels that as post-hardcore and metal (I believe in confusion with a band that bears the same moniker from Chicago), but these guys are definitely no where neat heavy enough for those names. Wonder, Is Ground On Frost? wanders through eight laudably crafted instrumentals. The song titles are imaginatively done; likely because as instrumental post-rock songs titles are a mere formality. My favorite of these is "Be There Or Be Tiananmen Square." I'm gonna keep this post on the shorter side, but I just want to assure you that if you haven't ever heard Lone Wolf And Cub you should certainly not hestitate to give them a listen.

To be here here:
Lone Wolf And Cub - Wonder, Is Ground On Frost? [224 VBR kbps]

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  1. Hey.

    Thanks so much for having this available. You don't understand how long I've been looking for this album! Someone I know came back from Japan and was taken back when they were listening to this small band from Michigan. I really dig these guys.