Saturday, September 27, 2008

Natural Snow Buildings - The Dance of the Moon and the Sun (2006)

This is one of the two "full length" albums released by Natural Snow Buildings, the reason for the quotes is that they seem to be like much more than a single album. By golly gumdrop, there are 25 tracks, with 4 of them topping 10 minutes long and only 2 are less than 2 minutes. However, this longevity of the songs is well-suited for the drone-heavy post-rock-folk they make. The band is consistent of two French men, one on guitar another on cello. They can be folky, more often ghastly, but there's never a doubt that they're talented. Hopefully fulfilling the wishes of another brave person who left a comment, and it is absolutely huge taking hours upon hours to upload on this shitty DSL. Moreover, they're on Megaupload because even halved they were too large for mediafire to accept. I do have some more recent releases, EPs if you can call them that, but they are also too large for mediafire so if you want them just say so I can put them on Megaupload or something else.

To be had here:
Natural Snow Buildings - The Dance of the Moon and the Sun [256 VBR kbps]
Half 1
Half 2


  1. winter ray by NSB, please. thanx

  2. I'm having trouble finding that, or even when it came out.

  3. The French duo, Natural Snow Buildings, are a bit of an enigma if you ask me. .... Then, we self-released a double CD called “The Winter Ray” (2004) taken from an interveiw with one of the members.

  4. got "Two sides of a horse" ? otherwise thankyou SOOO much for the post- !!

  5. Nitrous McBread thanks you.