Friday, June 27, 2008


Luckily, I was wrong about multi-album posts. One of the few to leave comments requested some Aloha, and that is something I've got in abundance. Aloha formed 11 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio. Their style was emotional post-rock, although they have done some heavier stuff from time to time. The emotion of Aloha's music is more explicit than many post-rock contemporaries because of the widespread use of vocals in the songs. Undoubtedly talented the group amazingly charges on without any damage over time in my eyes. Here I've assembled all the Aloha I have which is most of it, though I lack most notably the self-titled EP but also some 7 inches and stray songs from compilations. Five albums and one EP and I'll place them in order of release.

To be had here:

The Great Communicators, The Interpreters, The Nonbelievers Ep (1999) @ 128 kbps

That's Your Fire (2000) @ 192 kbps

Sugar (2002) @ 192 kbps

Here Comes Everyone (2004) @ 192 kbps

Some Echoes (2006) @ 256 VBR kbps

Light Works (2007) @ 256 VBR kbps


  1. wow :) , thanks you very much, In order to take my order into account and for promptness

  2. Hey, just want to say thanks for the Aloha. Another band I would never have found without blogs like yours. "Passengers" off Light Works is a wonderful song.