Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mom - Little Brite (2007)

A strange name for a band, and a hard one to find in internet searches without an album title. Luckily, I was lent this EP by a friend on an old school compact disc. Much thanks goes out to said comrade for I have enjoyed it immensely. Once again, and I swear I don't plan this, the band is a two-piece. Young gentlemen from Denton, Texas (I'm sure many of us don't know where that is). Playing music that is mellow and paced, it is on the a fine edge between folk and post-rock in feeling though the instrumentation lends itself towards the former. There's electronic manipulation to be found on on the tracks, but it finds accordingly with the general feeling. The EP is completely devoid of vocals excepting some banter between the member caught in the tail end of a song. The heavy reliance of string instruments with the lingering sound creates a space for the listen to relax into. Somewhat like Efterklang, but not as grandiose they can get. So, I hope you like it as I pass it along and keep an eye out for these fellas; they're aiming to have a new release this September.

To be had here (320 kbps):
Mom - Little Brite

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