Sunday, June 1, 2008

Le Volume Courbe - I Killed My Best Friend (2006)

Although I've seen Le Volume Courbe referred to as a band, it is indeed basically the solo work of Charlotte Marionneau, a talented French singer-songwriter who lives in England. Accordingly I Killed My Best Friend alternates betwixt French and English. Chiefly produced with a definite lo-fi feel, the instruments are interestingly not played by Ms Marionneau but rather a studio band. Whatever you feel about that, be statified there is a glockenspiel to be heard. There can be found contributors of note, including Kevin Shields and Colm Ó Ciosoig of the fantastic My Bloody Valentine. Overall, the album is a success at being entertaining, but doesn't blow any minds. "The Mind Is A Horse" has a crazy heartbeat rhythm to it which caught me by surprise. My favorite track is likely "Papillon De Nuit" with its strange mock bird sound in the beginning making me smile. However, I can see many liking "Who Are You?" because of how well-crafted it is. I recommend this for fans of 60s French pop or good singer-songwriting, it feels like a fresher and genuine partner of both.

To be had here (256 kbps):
Le Volume Courbe - I Killed My Best Friend

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  1. thanks for short review, i dig this album, really love it, any similar with this album????