Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Carlsonics - Emergency Door (2003)

The Carlsonics remind me of my early teenage years a lot. Garage rock not only had captivated me, but seemingly the nation with The White Stripes and less genuine acts like The Hives exploding onto the scene. However, little of this wave of fame settled at the feet of the men who were called The Carlsonics. As is frequently the case with a garage rock band worth half a damn, they sound like other garage rockers (everybody copies the Stooges) yet make it unique enough to want to play again. There's a decent amount of mod influence on the group as well, which is often an overlooked source of inspiration in today's garage rock. I think this because of the retro feel it can provide so well. The songs can all be cited as having styles akin to excellent garage, mod and glam musicians of the past, but that is what makes the genre constant, nevertheless whilst the new generations will always twist it. They were good, not the best, but it is very hard to be in this field. I like them enough the re-visit this section of otherwise uneventful and drawn out suburb teenage years. Once again, I thank the public library for this.

To be had here (160 kbps):
The Carlsonics - Emergency Door

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