Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tenniscoats - Totemo Aimasho (2007)

First, I'd like to apologize for my absence, I had to relocate my worldly belongings to the other side of the metropolitan area in a rush, and now I have a considerable commute to work. On top of it all, my computer did not survive the transplanting healthily and had to undergo some repairs before it was functional enough to allow me to resume posting. Needless to say, the computer's downtime cut deeply into my usual hours of music listening. Hopefully now that things are in a semi-stable state the posts shall slowly become be regular. One last quick note, because of the slower internet connection at my current dwelling I will likely have less multi-ablum posts, instead refering to you to find the other parts of the discographies on your own or I can upload them at request if I've got them.

Now, for what you likely came for, the tunes. Tenniscoats are a Japanese group who make hypnotic lo-fi music with an abundance of different instruments. They're one of the bands that give even those who are like me, completely untrained and unknowledgeable in the physical creation of music, hope of someday being in a band. This is because Tenniscoats is made up of both trained musicians and decidedly non-musicans to help craft the charming sound the have learnt to make so well. To some this might sound like Maher Shalal Hash Baz, and that has a good reason. Maher Shalal Hash Baz (highly recommended band) has worked with members of Tenniscoats and shares a similar style of musicanship. Personally, I absolutely love the singing on this album, but as it often is the case I can't understand a word of it. Totemo Aimasho is one of their newest releases (Tan-Tan Therapy came out in the same year), but several preceeding albums can be found if you bother to look. There are instrumental tracks, mellow eletronic, squeking horns, soft piano, and elegant guitar playing galore. As of late I find myself completely in love with their albums are over again.

To be had here (320 kbps):
Tenniscoats - Totemo Aimasho


  1. Great discovery. Not sure I'm going to love all of it, but certainly some beautiful stuff here. Thanks.

  2. Well.... dowloading!! it seems great !!