Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rodan - Rusty (1994)

Rodan fit well into several genres, being rather early on the scene for each. Sharing a following with math rock pioneers like Slint and Crain (who an early member was shared with), although considerably more hard than the former. They didn't issue much music together as Rodan, but the membership went on to make up many great bands like Jeff Mueller's June of 44 and his later re-uniting with another former member of Rodan, Jason Noble, to form Shipping News. Rusty was there debut album, to be there only full-length release, though splits, singles and even a Peel session exist. Math rock's signature angular guitar playing is rife in the music, and it is excellently paired with alternating soft spoken-word and screaming lyrics. Other than the obvious importance to math rock, their heavy and loud playing, that can be likened to Fugazi, wouldn't be out of place in the influences of post-hardcore or even screamo bands. However, this isn't to say they don't possess the ability to create meandering instrumental parts a listen can become lost in easily. On the contrary the first track of Rusty entitled "Bible Silver Corner" is just such a piece. Pretty much something everyone should give a good listening to.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Rodan - Rusty

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