Tuesday, June 3, 2008


A fresh mutli-album post of electronic songs. O.Lamm is from France, and the 'O' is for Olivier, his first name. He makes from interesting electronic music that feels like a logical merger of French and Japanese influences. For sure there is 8-bit to be heard, and much spastic jumping of rhythm and tone. His music possesses the ability to be creepy, entertaining, cheerful, and thundering. He's got much much work out there than I'm sharing here, but these are three of his full-length albums that don't consist of mostly remixes. They provide a good gagde for the type of stuff he's making and I'm making you find more if you want it, I don't get paid for this shit anyhow (nobody does, which I love; buy vinyl). The earliest of them, Snow Party, is much more of a glitch album than the later works, yet very well produced. Hello Spiral is much more ambitious of an attempt with more vocalizations and different sounds utilized. And last, but not least, is Monolith, which has some of my favorite tracks of his including "The Macguffin," "Aerialist" and "Return of the Night Goat." Plus it has many more featured guests working with O.Lamm creating some great songs. Do enjoy, and check out the rest of the stuff from Audio Dregs, it's a prime label.

To be had here:

Snow Party (2002) @ 192 kbps

Hello Spiral (2004) @ 192 VBR kbps

Monolith (2006) @ 224 VBR kbps

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