Monday, June 9, 2008

The Seconds - Kratitude (2006)

I find the name the Seconds to be ironically fitting of the fact that two members of this trio are more famed for their playing in other bands, yet attempt to maintain this is not merely a side project. Brain Chase, drummer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Zachary Lehrhoff of the most righteous noise rockers Ex-Models. The third fixture is one Jeannie Kwon, who's musical output consists the two albums the Seconds have release, as far I can tell at least. For fans of Chase's contributions to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, they certainly will not be disappointed in his musicianship, but they aren't going to find any garage punk songs with somebody like Karen O. singing. This music is rougher, much more in the vein of Ex-Models' noise driven sound. If you enjoy noise rock, especially if influenced heavily by the no wave movement that preceded the modern interpretation of the genre (if you like the Coughs I posted previously too). Kratitude is their second album, relased 5 years after the first that is entitled simply Y. I have even got the first album, but if someone wants to share it that'd be most prime.

To be had here (256 VBR kbps):
The Seconds - Kratitude


  1. Please post "Y". I bought it as a LP but I need MP3s! Thanks in advance!

  2. Yo!
    could you please send a link to get KRATITUDE?
    I've got "Y" in LP, that's a funky great one.