Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Volta do Mar

Posting from Toronto whilst on holiday, the name of this band is fitting, for as I type this there's a considerable amount of racket being caused by celebratory honking and whistling for Portugal Day. Volta do Mar is a Portuguese phrase which according to translates as "turn of the sea." The band, however, certainly are not Portuguese, but rather hail from Midwestern America's thriving metropolis, Chicago. Their music is riding the line between post-rock and math rock; a quality I seem to have a liking for. Absolutely instrumental in composition, the group has managed to produce two full-length albums. I feel Volta do Mar owes much to groups like Slint and Don Caballero that preceded them. Their music hasn't be held as mind-blowing in any reviews I've read, but I don't think they're unworthy of a good listen. If you're a fan of math rock or post-rock I highly recommend adding them to your collection if you haven't already. In addition to the two albums I'm sharing today, they have a split with Murder by Death for anyone who'd liken to find more.

To be had here (192 kbps):

At the Speed of Light or Day (2001)

03>98 (2005)

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