Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fire Engines - Codex Teenage Premonition (1981 [2005 re-release])

Fire Engines was one part of the Scottish post-punk surge in the 80s that included groups like Josef K and Orange Juice. As to be expected they sound extremely similar to their contemporaries. Their name is from the excellent garage rock band of the 60s, the 13th Floor Elevators. Two years after the founding of the band, they held numerous live shows, which are compiled in addition with demo versions of some of their most impressive tracks. Do keep in mind this was made well after the band dissolved and the membership moved on, so it isn't necessarily what they intended to release. Originally put together in 1992, but then another time during 2005 with the rise of a new generation of post-punk playing youths coming to age. Nevertheless, they are some wonderfully preformed songs, especially one of their most famous "Hungry Beat" that therein has both studio and live versions. Sometimes these post-punk pioneers are overlooked by those who only scratch the surface and fine the fore-mentioned bands after having heard of them in Franz Ferdinand articles. Once again this is an album I'm indebted to the public library for providing for me to pick out on a whim. Truly a band that deserves much more widely garnished recognition.

To be had here (160 kbps):
Fire Engines - Codex Teenage Premonition

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