Saturday, June 14, 2008

Neon Hunk - Smarmymob (2003)

Neon Hunk is a noise rock duo made up on a boyfriend-girlfriend pair. The noise rock they make is unique is some fashions. It is not like the rough and raw screeching sounds of harsh noise or is it like the pounding, scream-filled noise of groups like Coughs and Arab on Radar. There is much more use of electronic instrumentation to be found in Smarmymob. Like Lightning Bolt with a keyboard, Neon Hunk makes an amazingly dance-able sound. However, the lack of screams as a predominant feature doesn't meant there aren't screams here. For those who dislike noise, this will surely be unappealing, but it is excellent to anyone who possesses an ear for noisy rock. Definitely different from most noise makes in the decade. Nevertheless, a hallmark of noise is seen in the way that songs are very short, not even one breaches the two minute mark. I was throughly surprised by the way these two made music despite my frequent play of noise rock.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Neon Hunk - Smarmymob

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