Thursday, June 26, 2008

Religious Knives - It's After Dark (2008)

One of the bands two full-length 2008 releases, It's After Dark is a fantastic exploration into psychedelic-drone-noise. Religious Knives is a band of experienced noise rockers originally made up of the married couple Mike Bernstein and Maya Miller (both formerly of Double Leopards), but grew to add drummer Nate Nelson of Mouthus. Interestingly, all three are responible for multiple instruments with the album's utlization of organ, synthesizer, guitar, bass, many forms of precussion and xylophone. The music is drone-like but not overly drawn-out which is a hard feat to accomplish in my mind. "The Streets" has some mighty eerie chorus sung in echoing vocals. I must admit the epic song of "Noontime" captured me completely and I lost track of the 10 minutes it spanned. The best however might be "The Sun" with a most capativating intro that doesn't mislead. Exactly what one would how for from seasoned veterns of noise, and probably one of my top albums for the year. On the most prime label of Troubleman Unlimited they've definitely got this excellent album on vinyl.

To be had here (320 kbps):
Religious Knives - It's After Dark

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