Friday, June 6, 2008

Beachwood Sparks

As alluded to in the last post, Beachwood Sparks is the other group that Chris Gunst, Dave Scher, and Brent Rademaker are in together. The similarities therefore are frequent, but the band is more than merely a side project of the The Tyde. In fact the first album, the self-titled Beachwood Sparks, pre-dates the Tyde's Once. Whereas the The Tyde make sweet surf pop ditties, Beachwood Sparks is more about alternative country and folk mixed with the indie pop style of the members. The guitars are more twangy, the lyrics more folksy. Throughout the releases of by this group there is a psychedelic quality, which I feel endears it even to those natural disinclined to enjoying country-esque music. They feel like a modern indie pop version of sort of thing the Byrds did back in 60s. Once We Were Trees outshines the previous album in my opinion. The track "You Take The Gold" is upbeat tune that I hardly ever tire of. Finally, the released an EP entitled Make the Cowboy Robots Cry after both full-lengths. The EP possesses a mellower pace but is exceedingly well written and preformed. I love listening to this during hot summer afternoons, and I can't help be wish they'd get back to making fresh albums. Basically, this is the type of music you invested so much time and effort in getting neat cowboy shirts for.

To be had here:

Beachwood Sparks (2000) @ 192 kbps

Once We Were Trees (2001) @ 160 kbps

Make the Cowboy Robots Cry (2002) @ 192 kbps


  1. Wow you have just introduced me to a whole new family tree of musicians...any chance any other spin off/side project bands...i cant get enough of this

  2. Love B.Sparks. Never heard the Cowboy Robots Cry disc, though. Thanks.

  3. these guys are great...didn't have the full last EP so thanks...I've always thought that the similarity of Beachwood Sparks (BS) and Buffalo Springfield (BS) was intentional.

  4. man, so you've got two groups that feature dave scher.. i have a challenge for you. how about posting some of his solo work.

  5. Love the echo of Gram Parsons and the Flying Burrito Brothers...

  6. Think we could get a repost of "Make The Cowboy Robots Cry"? Thanks!