Monday, June 2, 2008

Midaircondo - Shopping for Images (2005)

At the time of the release of Shopping for Images the Swedish group, Midaircondo, was a trio fully made up of females. Since then Malin Dahlstrom departed the band leaving Lisa Nordström and Lisen Rylander (Swedes' have cool names). I like to think of this album as a good mixture of the styling found in the previous two posts (I'll move along to a new genre next, I promise). There is electronic and acoustic sounds interwoven as both prior had, but where the first was completely instrumental and the second was heavily focused on the vocals, this is a intermediate with lovely sung vocals by more than just one member but still premium instrumentation. Furthermore, the release better satisfies my yearns for abstractness (though it can be argued that Le Volume Coubre wasn't about that). As Swedish bands frequently do, the duration is sung in English. Shopping for Images has a diverse set of noises in, from background recordings to horns to rhythmic bass bumps, even wind chimes and what I believe is coins being tossed. The effect is a very chill and relaxed but never uninteresting set of songs. They range from trippy ("Lo-Fi Love") to being kinda free jazzy ("Faces") in stretches. The closest bands I can conjure to mind are Slumber Party and Dntel. So, ending this 3 part installment of mellow experimentations I hope you enjoy this talented group.

To be had here (224 VBR kbps):
Midaircondo - Shopping for Images

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