Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Tyde

This shall be the first of a two part post the figures that make up The Tyde amongst other groups. The Tyde is more or less the same roster as the Beachwood Sparks with Chris Gunst, Dave Scher, and Brent Rademaker sharing membership in both though there are some members that are in only one or the other (Rademaker in Further and Frausdots in addition, he's a prolific fellow). More of co-projects than either being a side project, the two groups don't sound as much the same as one would expect from the consistent bandmates. Although both are indie pop, the Tyde's influences are heavily weighted towards surf pop such as The Beach Boys. The Tyde have issued three full-length albums thus far. Aptly named the first is Once, the second Twice and finally Three's Co. There are to be found several gems to be found on each one, and truly all fair about the same in my mind.

To be had here:

Once (2001) @ 160 kbps

Twice (2003) @ 192 kbps

Three's Co. (2006) @ 224 VBR kbps

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