Friday, June 13, 2008

The Universe - The Outer Void Intrepid Sailor (2006)

Purposefully I believe that this album is meant to make me think of David Bowie, which hardly ever is a bad thing. The Universe, side project of Gus Franklin of Australia's Architecture In Helsinki, doesn't stray too far from the indie pop formula that got him heard. Although, the music is notably more dreamy than the more energized and somewhat chaotic joyfulness of Architecture In Helsinki albums. The title of the album hints at the underlying theme that is threaded throughout the lyrics, outer space. "A.O.K. Up Here" with the slow start that bursts into a fantastic chorus is my favorite track found herein, but assuredly not without competitors. "Grand Central" is a very well-crafted song that stands out as well. There's a strange childish feeling to "No Pianos" that belies the great transitions and singing of the track. The concept nature of the album is there, but not as solidly as Bowie, perhaps more like The Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. Luckily, the songs stand on their own well enough to allow for a quick listen or addition to mix tapes. Franklin's soft and comforting voice is definitely one of the best features; though the instrumentation deserves credit for enhancing it excellently.

To be had here (320 VBR kbps):
The Universe - The Outer Void Intrepid Sailor

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