Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spectrum - Forever Alien (1997)

A friend asked for me if I had any Spectrum records recently, and once I got around to looking into the matter, I found out I did. Being that he's in lovely England while I remain in the suburbs of Detroit it is just as easy to post as send it to him. Another album I checked out of the public library before I had any realization who was in involved or what it was all about. Of course Spectrum is the one of the successor groups, along with Spiritualized, Experimental Audio Research, etc., to the pioneering Spacemen 3. Sonic Boom as he's called made Spectrum to explore one side of his musical desires whilst other projects like EAR followed different paths. Forever Alien was the last of the original run of albums released by Spectrum until the revival of studio albums in 2007 (expecting 2000's release of Interface/Come out to Play, recorded in 1995). The theme is very trippy and other-worldly, sometimes brash and at others smoothy plannned. Perhaps one of the best tracks in "The Stars Are So Far" which is a reworking of the Spacemen 3's excellent song "How Does It Feel?" that is embellished with almost creepy electronic sounds in the background. Sonic Boom and friends have shown their adeptness at spoken word vocals, futuristic bleeps and bloops amongst other sounds, and rhythmic precussion. Definately not something to be passed up lightly.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Spectrum - Forever Alien


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