Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Brother Earth - Positive Haywires (2014)

Misty mornings are all the rage here in the Bay Area, as California's sunny visage is draped in cloud cover until just about noon. Seeing that I have extensive traffic to drive through on my way to work, playing tunes that match up with this reality is a necessity. Moody jazz and minimal classical are often employed, but the mystic psych-folk of Brother Earth is a fine addition to my AM collection. Released by Hidden Shoal Records, this American duo is made up of two gentleman who have quite the indie pedigree (one of them was the Guided by Voices producer). The lush, highly refined sound they capture on this single demonstrates that these guys are not playing around; these songs are for the ages.

It's a free download so get it now.

Grab it here:
Brother Earth - Positive Haywires (2014)

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  1. Every time I look a the blog this album art catches my eye and I'm like "one that shit is neat as fuck" even though must've seen it a dozen times by now. The music is fine as fuck too.