Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Memory in Plant - This Love (2014)

Memory in Plant are not new to this blog. This Israeli band's single from a few months back received glowing marks here at the site and on the podcast and earned them a spot in the SRM hierarchy.

The band is about to drop a full length record, and they have a new single to boot. More crazy and spastic guitar and beat changes wrapped in a melodic wrapper, then filled with lyrical nugget that could only be described as boundary pushing. When you sing "Another day ends/ Before you give birth/ To this love/ Like a Ballerina in a death's head/ You make me scared," you are definitely not looking for a spot on next year's Eurovision. This is music for the future, so you can take all your retro records and throw them in the trash now.

Get it here:
Memory in Plant - This Love (2014)

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